180mm / f3.5 APO CS Tele-Elmar (E72) (S)



Telephoto photography at its best Cutting the distance ,The exceptional speed and high performance of the Leica Apo Elmar-S 180 mm f/3.5 sets new standards of quality for handheld telephoto photography, because the contrast performance of this lens is exceptional in both its excellence and consistency. The lens, also available with a central shutter, is ideal for capturing subjects at greater distances and is simultaneously an excellent portrait lens. Its excellent sharpness is guaranteed at all distances and apertures ê even wide open at its close-focusing limit of 1.5 metres. Constructional Details ,The apochromatically corrected Leica Apo-Elmar-S 180 mm f/3.5 features nine lens elements in seven groups. Six elements are made from glasses with anomalous partial dispersion, and two of these have particularly low dispersion. This ensures optimum elimination of chromatic aberrations. In addition, three elements made of glass with a high refractive index almost fully eliminate monochromatic aberrations.