S Lens - Summicron 100mm ASPH / F2.0 E82



The Leica Summicron-S 1:2 / 100 mm ASPH uses a sophisticated design where a total of 7 lens elements are used to achieve the highest optical performance. This meets the high expectations of the Leica S-System users of a professional tool.,There are three lens elements of glass with anomalous partial dispersion - another is made of high-refraction extra low dispersion glass for correction of chromatic aberrations. One double aspherical lens element minimizes monochromatic aberrations. A floating element moves independently to ensure the close range imaging capability of the lens.,The very elaborate construction is designed for maximum contrast performance even at full aperture, and at the nearest focusing distance keeps the lens free from artifacts. Chromatic aberrations are corrected to an absolute maximum.,The stable lens body and the perfect seal against dust and splash water guarantee durability and reliability.